What makes American Clean Fuel a successful business?

  • Excellent referrals from prior customers
  • Committed to providing 5 star quality work
  • Customer oriented
  • Dependable, reliable service

Fuel samples from before and after fuel polishing

Fuel samples from before and after fuel polishing


What causes problems in my fuel system?

Dirty fuel

Water in fuel

Low sulfur content in today's fuel (sulfur is a natural biocide and lubricity enhancer)

Damaged O-rings on fill caps

Dirty fuel tank

Getting bad fuel from a fuel station

Not keeping fuel tanks full allows for condensation to get into the tank

Unstable fuel allows asphaltines and paraffins to drop out of solution

Once the fuel breaks down the individual components feed on yeast, fungus, and bacteria in your fuel and deposits the byproduct in your fuel tank (everything you see that is caught in your fuel filters)

Problems caused by unstable fuel:

  1. Power loss that could result in death in emergency situations
  2. Engine failure
  3. Microbial growth buildup
  4. Emmulsified or standing water in tank
  5. Incomplete combustion
  6. Corrosion of fuel tank
  7. Fuel injector failure
  8. Dirty fuel filters

American Clean Fuel uses fuel ionizing, chemical treatments, and high velocity fuel circulation/filtering to elimate microbial growth, remove water, and stop corrosion in your fuel system!

Contact Chase for a fuel sampling or set up a fuel polishing service today and you will experience decreased maintenance, increased fuel efficiency, a cleaner fuel burn, less time spent fighting fuel problems, and reassurance that your equipment will operate correctly in case of an emergency.

If it holds fuel, we can clean it! These tanks were brought to us to clean for Hurricane Harvey.

We're reccommended by the largest names in the local industry

We clean fuel tanks on motor homes and heavy equipment

We are very mobile and can come to you under most conditions.

If it has a fuel tank we can service it!

No job is too small!

We are able to polish fuel and clean fuel tanks on most service vehicles and equipment.

We are local to Baldwin County, Alabama but will travel nationwide to clean your tanks!