Chemical Treatments

Chemical treatments are an important part of keeping your fuel system operating properly


The product we use is Ultraguard +. It is much more effective than using a biocide to treat your fuel system because biocides only kill whats growing in your system; Ultraguard breaks any microbial growth down small enough that it can be burned and sent through your exhaust pipe. Following are a few more features of Ultraguard +:

  • Stabilizers keep fuel stable for extended storage periods
  • Demulsifier keeps fuel free of water
  • Corrosion inhibitors protect storage systems & equipment
  • Combustion catalyst improves combustion efficiency
  • Reduces emissions, smoke and exhaust particulate
  • Prevents injector deposits
  • Cleans and lubricates all fuel wetted surfaces

Ultraguard is available in 8 oz and 64 oz bottles.

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