A little about us


Who is American Clean Fuel and what do we do?

American Clean Fuel is a fuel tank cleaning and full service fuel testing company located in Foley, Alabama. We remove microbial growth (algae and fungus), water, and rust from your fuel and fuel tank. Some of our services include fuel sampling and testing, fuel polishing and fuel tank cleaning, marine systems repairs,  and preventative maintenance on generators/other equipment. We are the experts at making fuel great again!


Who do we service?

We are able to service any size diesel or gasoline tank. We service marine, agricultural, commercial, and industrial fuel tanks and systems. No job is too big or too small!


Why do you need our services?

By federal regulations hospitals, nursing homes, hospice centers, jails, prisons, schools, etc that rely on generators or fuel for power in the event of a power loss are required to have their fuel analyzed at least once a year and follow clean fuel guiudelines. The following are some excerpts from several government agencies' written regulations. A full panel list testing is not required but a fuel testing plan must be completed to be compliant with these regulations in order to avoid costly fines.

Joint Commission Requirement on Fuel Testing: EC.02.05.07-8 states that "At least annually, the critical access hospital tests the fuel quality to ASTM standards. The test results and completion dates are documented. Note: For additional guidance, see NFPA 110-2010:8.3.8" 

The National Fire Protection Agency:

Section 8.3.8 of NFPA 110 2010 requires at least annually a fuel quality test  in accordance with "approved ASTM standards" A specific standard is not cited for the fuel quality test therefore the authority having jurisdiction is responsible for acceptance of the fuel quality standard and means of assessment to be used. The performance objective of Section 8.3.8 is to ensure that the stored fuel supply will provide the intended operation of the emergency power supply. Based on this performance objective, the appropriate fuel quality test(s) must be selected. Refer to the NFPA website for more information.

The American Society for Healthcare Engineering:

"The current edition of NFPA 110 does not site a specific standard to be used for the fuel quality test, therefore the authority having the jurisdiction is responsible for acceptance of the fuel quality standard and means of assessment to be used. There are ASTM standards on diesel fuel that can be used for establishing an ongoing fuel quality program" Refer to ASHE 2006 Management Monograph for more information.

Based on the most common fail points in fuel, we use a "Mission Critical" test package. The Mission Critical package includes the following tests.

  • Distillation ASTM D86
  • Microbial Growth ASTM 6469
  • Flash Point ASTM D93
  • Water by Karl Fisher ASTM D6304
  • Appearance ASTM D4176
  • Sulfur ASTM D5453
  • API Gravity ASTM D1298
  • Copper Strip Corrosion ASTM D130
  • Cetane Index ATM D976
  • Sediment & Water ASTM D2709

Once we come clean your fuel tank and service your fuel system you can proudly say, "Got 99 problems but my fuel ain't one!" no pun intended.